Purple Bundle

Purple Bundle




Our second Virtual Academy release, this bundle includes :

Self Care
Rehab basics (trigger + roll) with Jacqueline Furey
Stretches for recovery with Cello Bordello
Stretches for splits & high kicks with Cello Bordello

Basics of Turning with Cello Bordello
Chair Essentials with Citrine Velvetine
Fan Dance Essentials 2 with Jacqueline Furey
Gogo Essentials with Lenore Noire
How to Assel with Magnolia Knife
Kick Basics with Cello Bordello
Stocking Peels with Citrine Velvetine
Tassel Twirling with Lenore Noire

Advanced Pasties with Lenore Noire
Costume Embellishment with Citrine Velvetine
Costume Maintenance with Citrine Velvetine
Fan Maintenance with Jacqueline Furey
Making Assels with Magnolia Knife
Panel Skirt with Lenore Noire
Tearaways with Lenore Noire
Wig Maintenance with Jacqueline Furey

Adhering Assels with Magnolia Knife
Cultural Appropriation with Ruby Corvette
Stage Presence/Confidence with Clara Cupcakes

For descriptions of each lesson, visit the lesson library.