Panel Skirt, Headdress & Bustle

Panel Skirt, Headdress & Bustle




Unlock the secrets of creating stunning bump skirts with ease! In this lesson, Lenore Noire will teach you how to plan your skirt, design the perfect waistband shape, and choose the ideal closure. Lenore expertly guides you through precise measurements, pattern creation, and fabric cutting techniques. With step-by-step instructions and insider tips, you’ll effortlessly assemble your own exquisite bump skirt. Elevate your burlesque performances to new heights and dazzle the audience with your flawless style. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from the mesmerizing Lenore Noire!

Get ready to create a show-stopping showgirl headdress with Cello Bordello! In this lesson, you’ll learn how to craft a dazzling headdress using a few simple items and Cello’s expert tips. Step onto the stage with confidence in your stunning showgirl headdress!

Unleash your showgirl spirit with Cello Bordello’s Basic Boa Bustle lesson! Grab a boa, thick ribbon, and some basic sewing supplies, and get ready to create a stunning bustle. Cello guides you through the process, whether you prefer a fastener like Velcro or snap clips, or simply tying the ribbon around your waist. Customize it to your choreography and instructor’s preferences and let your feathers fly and steal the show!

These lessons are also available in our Costuming Bundle.