Hosting Masterclass

Hosting Masterclass




A comprehensive guide designed for aspiring and experienced MCs alike, the six lessons included in this masterclass will delve into every aspect of being an effective and memorable MC.

Hosted by Clara Cupcakes, these lessons will cover:

  • the initial fears and challenges one might face when stepping into the role of an MC,
  • the critical importance of this position – the ‘captain of the ship’ – who not only introduces acts but also sets the energy and tone for the entire show,
  • crucial preparations and interactions necessary before the curtain rises,
  • building rapport with performers and crew,
  • understanding the essence of each act and setting the stage for a seamless performance,
  • engaging the audience with inclusive language,
  • introducing performers in a way that honors their artistry,
  • how to gracefully conclude a show,
  • insights into common pitfalls and how to navigate them,
  • handling backstage issues,
  • maintaining the audience’s love and trust throughout your hosting journey.

By the end of this masterclass, you’ll be equipped with the tools and confidence needed to take centre stage as an MC, creating unforgettable experiences for performers and audiences alike.