Welcome to the Bombshell Burlesque Virtual Academy.

In the top right hand corner of the screen you can see a link to your account settings, where you can go to edit your password or email address and to logout.

Please note that if you edit your email address here, it only relates to site-specific emails from the Virtual Academy and will not update across our other systems.

Moving down the screen just slightly you can see the categories we’ve created for learning here at the Virtual Academy as well as workbook downloads, favourites, and access to our support.

For the Pink bundle, we would strongly recommend that you cover each of the lessons in the overview and showtime categories and that you use the skills and costuming categories to access content that you need when you need it.

The workbook is created so that you can download the entire thing as one piece and print it out or fill out on your iPad or other device.

When you’re ready to dive in, click on the category you’d like to explore first and then click Start lesson for the lesson you want to start with.

There, you’ll find a video or audio file, as well as the transcript and any other lesson-specific downloads.

Once you’ve completed a lesson, you can tap the tick to mark it as complete, or you can just click Next. You’ll notice when you do that that the progress tracker in the top right corner automatically updates, and you’ll also see that the there is a little green tick beside the title of the lesson that you have just completed

You can also tap the star on any lessons you particularly want to revisit to add to your favourites. Then if you click over to Favourites on the top menu that lesson will be listed there.

We hope you love this content as much as we loved creating it for you!