Pink Bundle

Pink Bundle




Our first Virtual Academy release, this bundle includes :

Beginner Basics with Cello Bordello
Bump & Grind Basics with Lenore Noire
History of Burlesque with Lenore Noire
Introduction to Burlesque with Bella de Jac
Warm Up : Stretch & Strengthen with Bella de Jac

Boa Essentials with Cello Bordello
Corset Essentials with Cello Bordello
Fan Essentials with Cello Bordello
Glove Essentials with Cello Bordello
Shapes for Posing with Lenore Noire

Basic Boa Bustle with Cello Bordello
Basic Bra with Lenore Noire
Basic Pasties with Lenore Noire
Basic Underwear with Lenore Noire
Costuming Essentials with Lenore Noire
Rhinestone Tips with Lenore Noire
Showgirl Headdress with Cello Bordello
Stocking Tricks with Cello Bordello
Trims etc with Lenore Noire

Choosing a Stage Name with Lila Luxx
Face on Stage with Lenore Noire
Packing for your first show with Lila Luxx
Showgirl Logistics with Lila Luxx & Lenore Noire
Stage Makeup with Cath Mish-Wills / Shimmer

For descriptions of each lesson, visit the lesson library.