Learn with Lucy Luxe

Learn with Lucy Luxe




This bundle includes four fabulous lessons with Lucy Luxe and an accompanying workbook :

  • Packing for a Photoshoot: Learn how to prepare for a photoshoot with expert tips on packing, wardrobe selection, and essential items to ensure a smooth and successful session.
  • Posing for a Photoshoot: Master the art of posing with techniques to enhance your presence, create stunning lines, and convey your unique performer persona in front of the camera.
  • Building Your Brand: Discover how to develop a strong and cohesive burlesque brand that captures your unique persona and resonates with audiences and producers alike.
  • Mastering the Social Media Stage: Elevate your social media presence with strategies to create engaging content, connect with your audience, and effectively promote your burlesque brand online.

For longer descriptions of each lesson, visit the lesson library.